Factors of success


With experience in the international freight forwarding business to and from Morocco we have consequently developed our strategic edge in the direction of professional logistics management. Our solid expertise is based on multifold successfully completed large-scale projects and contractual partners in all major economic centres. We continually expand our knowledge of all changes in the Moroccan tax and customs legislation and other relevant laws. For this, we not only rely on official sources such as industry-specific events and print media, but also on information from government circles, pointing the way to future development. While carrying out our business activities, we continuously pass on this knowledge for the benefit of our customers.


Responsible behavior towards customers, partners and employees is our guiding principle. We think ahead by anticipating challenges and planning long term. In doing so, we take the demands of our customers seriously and secure business success in the long run. Acting anticipatory also implies the handling of business activities in conformity with laws in order to protect our customers from possible legal claims.


We organize our internal and external business processes around customer value. This means that we easily adapt ourselves to your wishes and requirements and make them the focus of our business. Procargo Logistics provides mandatory on-the-spot checks at all major interfaces of the supply chain, short transit times and data updating during the process progress.



Procargo Logistics is a motivated and highly qualified team being more than just the sum of its competencies. Our efficient team waives hierarchically-related decisions, simultaneously solving current tasks and future challenges. We are ready to flexibly take decisions as circumstances demand.