Health Safety & Environment

HSEThis service is executed in compliance with the highest international standards of quality and safety, and is focused on optimal working practices in all areas of our operation.

Procargo Logistics has extensive experience with risk assessment for projects. Our HSE staff works with our engineers, designers and operators for providing engineering capability coupled with hands-on experience of the operations. We undertake risk analysis for major projects. Procargo Logistics provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of the probability of risk. We identify hazard initiators and risk reduction options, as well as methods of reducing and evaluating the consequences of operations related risk

Indeed people are at the very heart of Procargo Logistics. After all, it’s our employees who are responsible for the transport. This is why we provide good and safe work conditions, only send our employees out with approved and certified equipment, and deal with work related risks during all our activities in a responsible manner. We also impose the same requirements on our sub-contractors.

We encourage safety awareness at every level in the organisation, from management down to the operational level. A strong safety culture forms the foundation to realising our goal. That goal is to have all employees return home in good health after a workday or journey. All this in order to avoid personal injury, material and environmental damage.

Alongside the human aspect, the environment is also regarded as an important issue. We carry out international activities which are in close contact with the environment: sailing across the world’s oceans, transporting goods through many countries and numerous other activities which eventually all interact with the environment. We recognise our responsibility to ensure that our operations have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Quality is another important aspect in our company. This is what using the qualities of our people to an optimum, resulting in providing top quality solutions and meeting the requirements of our clients. Optimal communication is a key factor in this. This keeps us alert and allows us to improve in specific areas. It also ensures that in the future we shall continue to provide the top quality solutions for which Procargo Logistics is renowned.

The most important objectives within our HSE are:

  • Prevent accidents
  • Report risk situations
  • Promote awareness of the concept ‘safety’
  • General management of safety, quality, and environmental care and cost control during activities
  • Good and competent personnel
  • Good working conditions
  • Compliance with safety rules and instructions
  • Safe and approved tools and their safe and approved use and maintenance.